Frequently Asked Questions


How will the new shop update work?

Items will show as "SOLD OUT" up until the time the shop updates 

You can still click on the items, check out the photos, and finish options, but you cannot purchase. 

At the specified time of the update, all of the items will be changed from "SOLD OUT" to "Quantity 1", and will be available to purchase.

When is the next update?

Shop updates are announced on Instagram @dacraftylilninja in the bio section about 1-3 days before the update.

It is highly recommended to set an alarm (<- check out the countdown!) Lilninja Stars tend to sell out within minutes.

Shop Updates occur at least two times a month, depending on my schedule. 

Can I purchase multiple times during an update?

Yes! All multiple orders will be manually combined into one package, and extra shipping costs will be refunded when shipping labels are created.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! International shipping is available :) Shipping is calculated automatically upon checkout, and varies per location.

Unfortunately, shipping outside of the United States is expensive, but I try to add extra goodies as a big Thank You!

Can I use Credit Card? Paypal? Etc.?

Using Shopify's verified payment services, customers can pay with whatever form of payment they feel most comfortable with. 

Customers can also create a login account for quicker check outs. 

Why are you moving from Etsy?

Although I absolutely love Etsy, I've had the goal to create and maintain my own website for a while now. I created this website in 2017, but still used Etsy as my main selling platform. This website gained some cobwebs, but the new year has bought in new inspiration! 

This website allows for more customization, blogs, videos, and endless potential! I hope you join me on my leap of faith to change gears to this website! 

Something went wrong... help!

There might be some glitches or problems with the first few shop updates, but I will try my best to adjust and fix any issues. Please let me know if you have any problems via DM on Instagram, the "Contact" form in the menu, or email me at