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Let's go LIVE! We will find a time that works for you, and I'll make your octo live on instagram! I can share the live with you, if you like. We can talk and I can adjust your octo live! I will not complete the octo from start to finish since I have to bake it and add secret ingredients, but I can mix the colors, assemble, and add some extra goodies to it. 

Colors: Choose your colors! As much as you want! Examples:

  • Galaxy
  • White Granite
  • Pink + Baby Blue + Lavender
  • Navy Blue + Black + Gold
  • Rainbow 

If there are multiple colors, be as specific as you want, like "I would like white granite with hints of blue and gold marbling. 

Crystal: Depending on what I have available, you pick which crystal you want. I source my crystals from a local store (@wherecrystalsrock) who has a large variety of crystals!

I clear the crystal with white sage spray and a selenite crystal, and I set my positive intentions into your crystals. I also do the same intentions when I mix the clay colors in my hands and create your octo :)

Gold flakes? I can add gold leaf flakes too, just let me know :)

Eye color: You pick the eye color! Or you can let me pick, up to you!

Size: Your Octopus will be approximately 2" - 2.5" big. You can ask for a specific size if you like. I usually just mix a bunch of clay and make the octopus whatever size it becomes lol. 

Gold frame bezels: If you want your octo sitting in a gold plated frame bezel, it depends on what bezels I have available! 

Extra Goodies: There will be a selection of extra goodies you can add, or we can figure out what works for you. ex. Lithop succulents, clay crystals, gold findings, pearls, small crystals, swarovski crystals.

How the customization will work: After purchasing this Tier 3 custom octo, I will send you a google form to fill out some initial information. Of course if there are any questions during the process, you can email me or DM on IG. dacraftylilninja@gmail.com. We can also customize on the fly if we go IG live together!

How long will it take? Please allow 2-4 weeks for completion (I hope to get it done asap, but just in case of personal issues and job obligations!) 

Disclaimer: This custom order is in it's early stages, so please understand if there are some changes! Feel free to communicate to me, I'm happy to help!

I hope to refine this process so it will be enjoyable for both of us!

I reserve the right to decline a custom order due and issue a full refund. I reserve the right to return only 50% refund if the customer backs out of the order. 

I MIGHT make tiktok videos out of your custom order, which I will also post to IG, so don't forget to leave your IG handle so I can tag you!